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culturepool is non-profitable company awaiting charitable status.
culturepool works with a broad range of artists, venues and communities to develop more inclusivity within art and culture through promotion, education and support. This is achieved by engaging people in art and culture whilst providing an environment where people feel comfortable to share, discuss and reflect on their experiences.
Aims and Objectives

To encourage people to engage in the diverse range of arts and cultural events in Liverpool.
 - By organising and promoting various art and cultural events
 - By finding unique and interesting events
 - By gaining added value to events i.e.discounted tickets, meeting artists
   and performers
 - By encouraging a strong social network
To provide a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment for people to explore and share their experiences of art and culture in Liverpool.
 - By organising spaces for discussions within the venue visited if possible
To promote the accessibility of art and culture through reflection and discussion.
 - By facilitating the discussions in an informal and relaxed manner
 - By encouraging people to voice their opinions without fear of ridicule or
   intimidation and promoting respect
 - By providing workshops
To recognise Liverpool’s grass-roots and community arts and culture as being an integral part of its culture.
 - By building relationships with community networks
 - By organising visits to grass-roots and community art events
 - By promoting grass-roots and community art events